Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Travel 10

Have you heard of the gift?
It’s cool if you haven’t because “The Gift” is new! Travel 10 recently launched in August of 2018. It’s a subscription service that provides discounted rates on travel and entertainment. Members can book flights, reserve rental cars and hotel rooms at prices lower than Priceline or Expedia. We can also save money on shopping at stores and restaurants; whether they are a national chain or local mom and pop. Members also earn cash back on gas which is something many of us need pretty regularly. Everyone could use these benefits! So why do we call it the gift? It’s simple because you can’t say no. Well actually, you kinda can but you still can kick the tires and get a free discount travel and savings card to save up to $1,000. This card will max out when you save a thousand dollars on your travel. Travel 10 subscribers pay just $10/ monthly to access these savings. Memberships pay for themselves with all the discounts and cash back rewards. Travel 10 The Gift also provides a unique business opportunity for those of us who see the value of the service. Become a TLA – Travel and Lifestyle Advocate. For just $20/ monthly, anybody can run and maintain their own business. That breaks down to $10 for the membership and $10 for the business opportunity. Entrepreneurship provides tax benefits because we are able to write off business expenses on our taxes. So many things that we need everyday can be claimed as deductions when we file our taxes. This opportunity is so new that YouTube isn’t over saturated with videos about it. It’s actually not over exposed on search engines like Google! This opportunity is that ripe for growth. Normally when you hear about an opportunity, the gurus have already cashed in on the biggest slices of the pie. Not with Travel 10! We can establish ourselves as those gurus. The time has come for us to make a decision. Whether we say yes or no; we still get our thousand dollar savings card. This truly is a win-win!  Simply click on the treasure chest below and watch the video that provides us with the details of Travel 10. Register your membership, become a TLA, or just take your free gift on the next page. Click the treasure chest! 

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